VIDEOS: Best and Worst Movies of 2015

Working on a new (long) post and it’s been taking a while, so I’ve decided to keep this blog updated by sharing videos from my YouTube channel! Expect to see a lot of these kinds of posts. I will not be posting regular reviews on this WordPress site, since I’d prefer to keep my content varied across these different platforms.

Anyway, first up, here’s my own personal top 15 films of 2015! The list only contains films released in Philippine cinemas in 2015. Not as many big blockbusters as 2014’s list had, but lots of under-the-radar gems and excellent genre pieces.

Of course, what good would a best-of list be without a worst-of to complement it? Here’s my top 5 worst films of 2015 as well. This list is also only made up of films released in Philippine cinemas last year. I don’t find it very fun to talk about terrible movies, so I also attempt to articulate the deeper issues that I think these movies point to!

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